Sew Sundays – January 7, 2018

Happy New Year!! The snow and cold make sewing Sundays guilt free!  They provide the purr-fect excuse to stay in and sew.

For 2018, I’m working on my PHD (projects half done).

My cousin, Gail Sheppard, has laid out a challenge and is awarding fellow quilters their PHD if they accomplish the specified goal of finishing at least 12 projects half done.  See her post linked below.

While I tried to work on no more than 2 projects at a time, just into my second quilty year  I already found myself overwhelmed with projects I want to do, some I need to do, and others just because.  I found that I actually had enough PHDs to qualify for this challenge…YIKES!!

Here is my PHD list (pictures below in order) and the progress since Gail laid out the challenge:

  1.  Dresden quilt – started Aug 2016; blocks made, fabric purchased – no progress this period
  2. Autumn leaves quilt – has a deadline; fabric purchased and pattern selected – no progress this period
  3. Feathered star quilt – one block made Sep 2017 – no progress this period
  4. Delectable Mountains quilt – flimsy done except for borders – borders done, ready to sandwich, need to buy backing
  5. Little Girl quilt – has a deadline ; fabric purchased and pattern (this is next on my to do list ) – flimsy (and borders) done, ready to sandwich, need to buy backing
  6. Christmas quilt #2 – blocks started – flimsy and borders done, ready to sandwich, need to buy backing
  7. Christmas quilt #3 – fabric purchased, pattern pending – no progress this period
  8. Winnie the Pooh baby quilt – sandwiched, ready to FMQ – FMQ in progress
  9. Bibs baby quilt – sandwiched, ready to FMQ – no progress this period
  10. Lewe the Ewe baby quilt – FMQ started – FMQ done, label ready to see on
  11. Secret quilt – fabric purchased – no progress this period
  12. Blues quilt – sandwiched, ready to FMQ – no progress this period

As I make progress I will post updated pictures but this is a picture of what I’ve been working on.


And, now only a few days into the new year I received word of a friend’s milestone birthday this year, which of course means I have to add another project on my TO DO list.  I’m thinking I might use the “Storm at Sea” pattern.  This project won’t count towards my PHD but no matter.

Good luck to my fellow PHD contenders!

..and to all, a good sew


Author: tlcquiltsblog

I started quilting June 2016 after the announcement that my first grandchild would arrive February 2017. It was an instant and complete only wish I had started earlier.

8 thoughts on “Sew Sundays – January 7, 2018”

  1. Hi!
    It sure looks like you will absolutely be finished with #10 and #8 this month, if not before. Of course, your new unexpected project and #2 need to go to the front of the line. Get that label on, girl and you will have one off the list! And you’ll be able to share it so we can see it. ~smile~ Roseanne

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