Sew Sundays – January 21, 2018 – Quilters ADD

Sometimes I feel very focused and other times I feel paralyzed by choices.

In my brief quilting journey, through reading blogs, articles, and other social media posts, two common traps appear time and time again.

1. Stash overload

Its sew fun buying new fabric! I know now that if I go to my local fabric store I need to bank on the fact that no matter why I went there I will inevitably spend at least an hour and a half there. There is simply no way around that. Where I have been successful is in not buying fabric for no reason. I’m not saying I’ve NEVER bought fabric just because it’s pretty..I’m just saying I haven’t overloaded on “just because” fabric in my stash. I think I realized that in order to make good use of a stash it needs to be of some considerable size and I just don’t want to go there.

2. UFO Overload

With the number of posts about people’s UFOs, it quickly became obvious that it’s an easy trap to fall into. Originally I wondered why…

Now I get it. Even though quilts made by machine are finished much faster than in generations before, where much or all of it was stitched by hand, they still take a considerable amount of time. And depending on how much ‘spare’ time one has, they can take even longer. In short..boredom, or getting tired of looking at the same thing is the reason I start getting antsy to start a new project. I tried to keep this trap in check by only working on two projects at a time. But all too quickly that approach fell off the rails. Now I find myself, after only starting this journey in July 2016, with a UFO list that has me feeling pressured. And then there are the new projects that pop up through the year…sigh.

I’m working through FMQing the little girl quilt on my PHD list. I’m nearly done – just have to finish the borders.

While working on this I find myself fiercely holding back the start of a new project. That new project was unplanned – 60th birthday gift due in April.

I was thinking about a storm at sea pattern but when considering the FMQ options I’m not too sure now. I think it may be too restrictive because of the lack of negative space. (I love to quilt in a grafitti quilting style.)

I may revert to a similar pattern with more open space – Tennessee waltz.

I did find this picture of a storm at sea, and with the light centres, it may satisfy my needs.

I’m thinking I would make the star points in the darkest fabric, the diamonds in medium, and the centers in light. What do you think?

Are there other quilting traps that you work hard to avoid?

Happy sewing and see you next Sunday.

Author: tlcquiltsblog

I started quilting June 2016 after the announcement that my first grandchild would arrive February 2017. It was an instant and complete only wish I had started earlier.

4 thoughts on “Sew Sundays – January 21, 2018 – Quilters ADD”

  1. Hi Terry,
    I like how you have highlighted the 2 most common traps you’ve come across. They are such a reality for me as well. That’s why I started keeping track of my buying and reporting on my Stash Report. The UFOs – oh, the UFOs … that’s the main reason behind the PHD in 2018 – to decrease them!!! One big trap that I fall into is starting so many new projects – it’s impossible to even attempt to finish them. They become UFOs so very fast!
    Awesome quilting on your “Little Girl Quilt!” Your stitching looks so even! It’ll be a beautiful quilt!


    1. Thanks for the compliments Gail. Its turned out well. I do wish I had added more negative space but I squeezed in as much fun quilting as I could 😉
      I learned the lesson about the stash trap from so much else. 🙂


  2. Good Afternoon!
    Fabulous summary of my traps for sure, let alone the most common ones. I find I have just fallen rather deeply into each of them. You know, 14 fabrics just last Sunday (OMG – I haven’t even taken them out of the bag yet!!), and UFOs that I keep finding that I have forgotten all about. Waaaaa. I love your outline and plan for the Storm at Sea quilt. I can visualize your changes and think I will look lovely! If I knew how to use my EQ8 software (at all) I would whip up a little picture for you . . . ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thanks for the comments and thought, Roseanne.
      I finished the little girl quilt tonight (just need to sew on the label) and had to add another unexpected project. I’m making a table runner for a stag and doe prize. I’m sure you can relate. But the good news is once the runner is done I can go SHOPPING! Whoop whoop. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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