Sew Sundays – Feb 4, 2018 – A new beginning

I started working on the Autumn leaves quilt briefly …

but then I needed put it to the side while I started working on another quilt which has an April due date.

This is the “Storm at Sea” pattern I’ve mentioned in previous posts. I bought the fabric – sew pretty!! but really do think I need to buy a pattern for this one – the colour placement seems to be pretty critical and I don’t want to mess it up.

I’m hesitant though because some of the patterns I’ve browsed … well…let’s just say I think there may be some patterns that are easier to follow than others. Do you have a Storm at Sea pattern that you tried and found easy to follow? Let me know and I’ll go buy it.

Here’s what I’ve managed to do so far…

I also want to work on improving my blog. I see how some people’s blogs have a “Linking to” section in theirs. Most of the time I compose my posts on my phone, so I understand that likely the functions may not be available via that method. I’m a real newbie with WordPress, so if you have any hints/tips for me — I’ll welcome them with open arms!

Spend your Sunday Sewing and Smile!

Here is my PHD list and the progress since the start of the challenge:

  1. Dresden quilt – started Aug 2016; blocks made, fabric purchased – no progress this period
  2. Autumn leaves quilt – in progress, some blocks partially done
  3. Feathered star quilt – one block made Sep 2017 – no progress this period
  4. Delectable Mountains quilt – ready to sandwich, need to buy backing
  5. Little Girl quilt – DONE Jan 2018
  6. Christmas quilt #2 – blocks started – flimsy and borders done, ready to sandwich, need to buy backing
  7. Christmas quilt #3 – fabric purchased, pattern pending – no progress this period
  8. Winnie the Pooh baby quilt – DONE (Jan 14 post)
  9. Bibs baby quilt – sandwiched, ready to FMQ – no progress this period
  10. Lewe the Ewe baby quilt – DONE (Jan 14 post)
  11. Secret quilt – fabric purchased – pattern: Alter-ego; no progress this period
  12. Blues quilt – sandwiched, ready to FMQ – no progress this period

Author: tlcquiltsblog

I started quilting June 2016 after the announcement that my first grandchild would arrive February 2017. It was an instant and complete only wish I had started earlier.

8 thoughts on “Sew Sundays – Feb 4, 2018 – A new beginning”

    1. Thanks for the comment. I dunno about that though I think my progress will slow considerably as I get to the harder projects. ..and if new projects continue to materialize! But thanks for the support.


  1. Hi Terry,
    I can’t give you suggestions about how to do the linky stuff. I have created an extra page listing all of the ones I participate in. I hope to learn more about it during the New Bloggers blog hop. Maybe you should consider joining in on that? ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. About the linky parties: here’s my process:
    I write the post with the linky parties listed at the end.
    Then I go to each of the blogs, click on the linky party post (not the blog) and insert it in. Usually I use the name of the blog, highlight it, and there is a slanted thing that sort of looks like an 8 – click on it – insert the URL of the blog post and click “open link in a new window/tab”. Do this for all your linky parties. Then publish your post. Then take the URL of your blog post, go to each of the blogs you want to join for the linky party, it usually says “your next” or “join here” or some such thing … follow the directions.
    It sounds complicated – but once you get the hang of it – it’s easy.
    If you want – go to my post from today, copy the linky party section – (their URLs should be intact) – Edit your post and paste in the section. Update your post … copy the URL … go to each of the posts and insert your URL from the update.
    Sunday stash is just a name that will show up in a list …
    Oh scrap – is the easiest type of linky party – then you can check back to her blog and see the picture you chose. (Fun)
    Pieceful Sunday – you need to click on her “blue frog” and go to a different page to enter.
    Mali Sparkles – hadn’t posted her her Sunday blog when I wrote my post – she’s often later on Sunday … if I remember, I’ll go back and check, edit my blog and join her linky party.
    You will find that Linky Parties increase your hits.

    I found out about this last year when I joined a “New Bloggers” group. I hope to join again this year. Learned a ton! Got valuable feedback and suggestions. I’ll be posting about it on my blog when I know more.


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  3. Thanks for the links Gail. I’ve actually been using instructions from Quilt in a Day. But my diamond blocks are a bit off. I may use the paper pieced templates to get them back on the right track.
    This one isn’t for my west coast cousin..sorry. Hmmm..maybe I should figure something out for that… (wink wink)


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