Sew Sunday March 18,2018 A Finish!

One of my UFOs was a simple panel I bought on impulse. Yes, I too have fallen into that trap on occasion but this PHD exercise has been very helpful in showing me the error of my early ways…or my ways early?

I bought this panel thinking it would be a good idea to have a couple baby quilts on hand. However when the opportunity knocked and I needed a baby quilt (and it knocked 3 times since I bought this panel), I quickly realized that if I cared enough about the person to make a quilt, I wanted it to be made especially for them.

Sew..perhaps some day this quilt will find a home, but for now it will be tucked away with its only purpose being a contributor to my PHD.

The panel was intended to be used to make bibs but when I saw it, I saw something differentl

I’m calling it “Bibbles and Dribs” (instead of dribbles and bibs).


Summary of my PHD list (4/12 Done):

  1. Dresden quilt – started Aug 2016; flimsy in progress
  2. Autumn leaves quilt – in progress, some blocks partially done – no progress this period
  3. Feathered star quilt – one block made Sep 2017 – no progress this period
  4. Delectable Mountains quilt – ready to sandwich, need to buy backing
  5. Little Girl quilt – DONE Jan 2018, gifted March 4, 2018
  6. Christmas quilt #2 – blocks started – flimsy and borders done, ready to sandwich, need to buy backing
  7. Christmas quilt #3 – fabric purchased, pattern pending – no progress this period
  8. Winnie the Pooh baby quilt – DONE (Jan 14 post)
  9. Bibs baby quilt -DONE (Mar 18 post)
  10. Lewe the Ewe baby quilt – DONE (Jan 14 post)
  11. Secret quilt – fabric purchased – pattern: Alter-ego; no progress this period
  12. Blues quilt – sandwiched, ready to FMQ – no progress this period

Cheers all and enjoy spending your Sundays Sewing!

Author: tlcquiltsblog

I started quilting June 2016 after the announcement that my first grandchild would arrive February 2017. It was an instant and complete only wish I had started earlier.

2 thoughts on “Sew Sunday March 18,2018 A Finish!”

  1. Terry – this quilt is cute!!! Trust you to take a simple bib panel and make it into a designer quilt! I think any baby that gets this quilt will feel special! Congrats on a finish towards your PHD!

    Liked by 1 person

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