Sew Sundays – Where have you been? May 21, 2018

It’s been a long time since my last post – a whole month in fact!  As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been busy with renos in my kitchen.  I honestly did not realize how disruptive it would be, and not necessarily from a physical perspective (using temporary tables and cutting boards as counters, spreading the contents of my kitchen across multiple rooms – go to the living room for a knife, go to the dining room for potatoes, etc.).  It was draining from a psychological perspective – my mind would not stop running, and my body seemed to keep pace.  But now the majority of the turmoil is done.

Here’s a shot of the kitchen before:



And here’s after:



I’m still missing the glass doors on the new section of cupboards,  the backsplash will be a while yet, and I need to change the wall colour but, as I said, the majority of the turmoil is done., and now my sons and I can get back to the basics as far as meal prep and such.

Sew, the important question:  what has this disruption done to my quilting journey?  Slowed things down, and increased my To-Do list by 2 quilts – both at the same time!  (Not a good combination…)

#1: To thank my friend for his help with getting the new kitchen, what better than to make him a quilt ?  I chose a pattern which has been on my “gotta do this” list:  Jacob’s ladder.  Here’s a picture before the flimsy was done.  It has been quilted and the label is on.  I just need to take some pictures and then wash (and take more pictures) 🙂

I’ll do a separate blog post on this soon.


#2:  Shortly before my kitchen reno’s started, my friend’s brother asked if I would make a quilt for his new grandson.  I hesitated because I have my PHD list, and I knew that I would be very busy with the kitchen shortly, as well as the onset of spring (whenever that decided to finally arrive, and stay, in Ontario)…

However, as we started talking more, he shared some pictures of the work he did in his own kitchen – completely tearing it down and starting from scratch.  When he got to the pictures of the tiling / backsplash he did, a light bulb came on!  Sew…I made a deal…He will be installing my backsplash, and I’m making the quilt he asked for.  Fair deal, in my opinion!  I have the flimsy done and am ready to sandwich that quilt.  I’ll post pictures when it’s completed.

In the midst of all this chaos, I actually have been able to get some of my other quilting work done.  I finished one quilt off my PHD list.  (In case you’re counting, that’s 1 PHD, 1 quilt start to finish, and 1 flimsy since Apr 21).

PHD #1 – The infamous Dresden quilt.  Done.  In my April 21 post I mentioned that I wasn’t happy with the quilting I did in the centre block.  But, now that I’ve been able to step away from it, I like it.  It is still not what I had intended, and I was looking forward to stretching myself with the plan I had for that block (I mean, how often do you get the chance to quilt a 22″ square blank canvas?), but I’m ok with the results.

Summary of my PHD list (6/12 Done):

  1. Dresden quilt – DONE- started Aug 2016 (May 21 post)
  2. Autumn leaves quilt – flimsy in progress – no progress this period
  3. Feathered star quilt – one block made Sep 2017 – no progress this period
  4. Delectable Mountains quilt – ready to sandwich – no progress this period
  5. Little Girl quilt – DONE Jan 2018, gifted March 4, 2018
  6. Christmas quilt #2 – ready to sandwich – no progress this period
  7. Christmas quilt #3 – fabric purchased, pattern pending – no progress this period
  8. Winnie the Pooh baby quilt – DONE (Jan 14 post)
  9. Bibs baby quilt -DONE (Mar 18 post)
  10. Lewe the Ewe baby quilt – DONE (Jan 14 post)
  11. Secret quilt – fabric purchased – pattern: Alter-ego – no progress this period
  12. Blues quilt – DONE (Apr 8 post)

Cheers all and enjoy your Sunday Holiday Monday!



Author: tlcquiltsblog

I started quilting June 2016 after the announcement that my first grandchild would arrive February 2017. It was an instant and complete only wish I had started earlier.

4 thoughts on “Sew Sundays – Where have you been? May 21, 2018”

  1. Remodels can be very draining, but your kitchen is looking so good! It will be totally worth it in the end. I think backsplash for quilt equals a pretty sweet deal 🙂 Bribe with quilts whenever the opportunity arises!

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  2. Hi Terry,
    Oh man – I went through a kitchen remodel that lasted three months. Dishes in the bathtub, refrig in the living room, new layout except for the placement of the sink. Ugg. Not again in the near future! I’m proud of you for getting that Dresden plate quilt finished! And it looks beautiful too – you are rocking the UFO list. ~smile~ Roseanne

    Liked by 1 person

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