I live in Southern Ontario and have been quilting since 2016.

I’m a proud mother of three amazing people – my two strong, handsome, and kind sons, and my strong, beautiful, and confident daughter.  My daughter also blessed me with a grandson in February 2017, which triggered my quilting legacy.

I’ve always wanted to quilt, but the poor sewing machine never had a spot in my home – and like many people, I didn’t want to have to pack everything away in between sewing spells.  (Sidebar: I have now named my old sewing machine “Faith” because she’s like old faithful…sits in the closet for years and years, and when I would pull her out for something, she never failed to hum like a charm and sew like a dream!)

But in the summer of 2016, when I found out grandbaby (Kolten) was on his way, that was it – time to “get over it”.  And off I went…

I worked in my bedroom – tiptoeing around my iron, travel sized ironing board, cutting mat and rotary cutter, and sewing machine – and in my dining room – I used the dining table to cut larger pieces.  I travelled upstairs to sew, back down to cut again, and sew on… I soon discovered quilting to be an amazing exercise routine!!  In all seriousness – I quickly lost the 15lbs or so that I had gained the previous winter spending my evenings laying on the couch watching TV and doing NOTHING!!

My experience with quilting is too new for it to have cemented into a particular “kind of quilting” and I expect that as the years pass, my love to try something new will keep the road I’ve started on winding this way and that.

What I do know is that whenever I encounter someone who admires my work, or hears that I’m a quilter, and says to me, “I wish I could do that”, my response is always, “You can, and I’d love to help!”





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