Sew Sundays – And to all a good night! – Sunday, December 16, 2018

I am proud (and relieved) to announce I have completed all my projects to earn my PHD for 2018!  I completed all 12 chosen at the beginning of the challenge, and all projects I started in 2018.  Whew!

I haven’t kept up with the blogging, but that’s been more a case of picking my priorities.  2018 has been a year of numerous and significant changes for my family.  With my father’s passing, my aunt’s passing, and both of my sons moving out to start their lives on their own, each change introduced adjustments that needed to be digested, and along with that, unplanned tasks which needed to get done.  During the last half of this year I increasingly felt further and further behind in my plan to accomplish my PHD.

While this challenge has been a fun experience (and an excellent idea, Gail!), it ended up being more stressful for me than therapeutic.  In some cases I held tight to the saying that “finished is better than perfect” because of it.

But still, I’m glad I took on the challenge.  I have learned a great deal from it and sincerely appreciate the experience.  Thanks to my cousin, Gail for putting out this challenge!

And now – on to the eye candy!

PHD #3 – Feathered Star quilt

While I did announce in my Oct 14 post that this was completed, I didn’t share pictures.  This was a fun quilt to do and interestingly, I didn’t notice a mistake I had made in the piecing until I got to the quilting step.  I won’t point it out to you, because no one will ever see it unless they are looking…

PHD #6:  Away in a Manger quilt

If anyone is looking for a piecing pattern that enables great opportunity for FMQ fun without being intimidating, this pattern is a candidate.  While the piecing is simple, the FMQ was a blast.  I took the time to get really detailed in the corners and setting triangles.


And finally, PHD #7 – O Holy Night quilt

This quilt is a pattern of my own design – or at least to the best of my knowledge.  I wanted to make stars, and wanted to make flying geese and pinwheels.  I couldn’t find what I was looking for, sew…I made this up.  I’m pleased.

I bought this fabric last Christmas and intended to make a Christmas quilt with softer colours, and little contrast.  The stars actually show in the pictures better than in person – the colours are soft and subtle, exactly as I had intended.  I will be making this pattern again – I really, really like it!  However, the quilting on the next one will be very different.  I will outline the stars @1/4″ and the rest of the quilt will be an all over, uncomplicated quilting.  That will help make the stars stand out better and besides, hardly any of the quilting can be seen because of the pattern on the fabric.  I hope you enjoy it!


Summary of my PHD list (12/12 Done):

  1. DONE – Dresden quilt – started Aug 2016 (May 21, 2018 post)
  2. DONE –Autumn leaves quilt – August 2018 (Oct 14, 2018 post)
  3. DONE – Feathered star quilt – (Dec 16, 2018 post)
  4. DONE – Delectable Mountains quilt – (Oct 14, 2018 post)
  5. DONE – Little Girl quilt Jan 2018, gifted March 4, 2018
  6. DONE – Christmas quilt #2 – “Away in a Manger” – Nov 2018 (Dec 16, 2018 post)
  7. DONE – Christmas quilt #3 -“O Holy Night” – Dec 2018 (Dec 16, 2018 post)
  8. DONE – Winnie the Pooh baby quilt – (Jan 14, 2018 post)
  9. DONE – Bibs baby quilt – (Mar 18, 2018 post)
  10. DONE – Lewe the Ewe baby quilt – (Jan 14, 2018 post)
  11. DONE – Heros – (July 8, 2018 post)
  12. DONE – Blues quilt – (Apr 8, 2018 post)


Although there is another PHD challenge already announced for 2019, I won’t be participating – mostly because I don’t have enough PHDs.  😉

I have, however, set my own challenge for myself in 2019.  I have challenged myself to use up scraps and stash – only buying backing and background fabric where absolutely necessary.  When I began quilting, I learned quickly to be cautious of the 2 pitfalls of quilting – (1) an abundance of  stash and (2) a mound of scraps.   And a couple weeks ago when I moved to my new sewing room (after my eldest moved out), while trying to put away my scraps and stash in my new space, I realized that I don’t want to get more totes or shelves to store fabric or scraps!  I want to use the fabric and scraps!


This challenge is my personal challenge but if others want to join in I suppose I could figure out terms and conditions….however, considering I only have 2 blog followers…  lol

I will also plan to spend more time next year doing many, many smaller projects that I want to do but never have time to get to; things like table runners, placemats, covers for my sewing machines, etc.

This will likely be my last blog for 2018 so I wish you a very Merry Christmas – let it be happy, healthy, and safe – and to all, a good night.

Cheers all and enjoy your Sundays!

~ Terry ~




Author: tlcquiltsblog

I started quilting June 2016 after the announcement that my first grandchild would arrive February 2017. It was an instant and complete only wish I had started earlier.

5 thoughts on “Sew Sundays – And to all a good night! – Sunday, December 16, 2018”

  1. Congratulations on achieving your PHD in 2018! a job well done! Especially with all of the changes this year has brought!
    And thanks for the wonderful eye candy, Terry! Each one is a delight to look at!
    One day … one day… I hope to not have enough UFOs to do my challenge! But that is in the future!
    Hugs! And Happy Quilting, cuz! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Gail.
      I forgot to mention the kitchen and bathroom renos that also ate up my time. Lol
      At your current rate of UFO busting hopefully the future is only a year or so away!
      Happy quilring and cheers


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